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    Default Filing a round bar

    Reidy41 posted about his Richardson drill press and it was mentioned in subsequent posts about possible nicks and damage to the round bar belt tension adjustment rods.

    If such damage is to be repaired obviously a file may come into this repair.

    That has triggered a memory of what one of my bosses once showed me. i was working in Queensland Alumina as a maintenance fitter and had occasion to file the dings from a round bar.

    A long story made short is that he showed me the correct way to file a round bar and keep it round.

    The file stroke starts with the leading edge of the file and the handle held higher than the front edge.
    As the stroke progresses the file handle is moved lower finishing with the handle being below the forward .

    In one stroke the file is able to cover a good portion of the part circumference edge of the round bar.

    Some members may have heard of this one but perhaps there are some that haven't.


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    Thanks Grahame, your comment is timely, as I'd forgotten about that trick
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