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    When I started looking for a larger mill than my Vario BF16, I settled on the DM45 as it was probably the best of the breed at the time for that class machine.

    I ended up getting a large knee mill (similar to H&F HM52) with NT40 instead. R8 is a massive improvement over MT(anything), but if you can get a variant with NT30 you'd be much happier, even if it set you back a little more.

    For the size the DM45 is, a geared head will be perfectly fine, but I made the mistake with my large mill of getting a geared head. The bigger the mill the louder the gears are in use. Just something to keep in mind.

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    Default Blueprint

    Would it be possible to ' blueprint' the gearbox of a 45 drill/mill in order to quieten it down and at the same time reduce the associated vibrations ?

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    Probably, but the amount of fettling required would be a significant project likely requiring most of the drive assembly to be remade, shimmed, bushed or modified in some way, inc the housing itself. From the research Iíve done on it, it seems the most common solutions are either to live with it or do a DC motor and belt drive conversion (which aside from making it quieter gives you speed control via the controller and usually increases the highest speed into a more carbide friendly range)

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