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    Default 3D printing or 3d welding?

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    There are a number of technical terms bandied around for the process in the vid, one is FDM (fused deposition modelling) another os FFF (fused filament fabrication).
    3D printing with plastic filament is often called FDM.

    Welding could also be considered a form of FFF.
    Welding using involves joining two pieces of metal but, adding runs of hardened steel over front end loader bucket edges etc is also called welding.

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    Well there is no doubt that one metal is being fused into another,so it is welding
    Is it really 3D though ?

    Its the nomenclature or the semantics which are in doubt.

    Looking back into the industrial pas,welded metal being deposited in a spiral circle is is nothing new.

    GMAW, (Mig to most) sub Arc and Tig processes have all being utilised in some form of rotated positioner to lay down beads.

    These processes are the roots of the new system

    The new process is merely a synergy of technique and application from a couple of different processes.

    CNC control is overlayed on a mechanical jig,plus some pulse type control over arc duration.

    It is in need of a more descriptive name than what has been suggested.


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