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    Default Cutting small items on a dropsaw

    Exp people know not to , or clamp somehow , but my previous post in angle grinder safety prompted me to offer this warning in the hope that it may help some not fully aware of the danger. Some people think that if they are holding a small piece close to a spinning blade that they can just let go of the item if the saw blade grabs it and attempts to drag the hand in .....but the reality is that no matter how sharp u are , u just canít think that fast .. a high rpm blade will take your fingers off faster than u can think to let go Of the item. , in fact faster than u will probably register the pain .....fingers donít grow back ... look after them or expect that u will have a new nickname ..... Stubbs ...... Iím not speaking from experience... I have all my fingers. I prefer to respect potentially dangerous equipment before it bites me

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    old post i know , but yes agree i cut end off my left thumb years ago cutting something small , it was a warm feeling at first no pain and then thumb shooting blood straight up into the roof, lol . A few years later had a fragment come off the saw blade straight into my pupil. Was bizarre experience at hospital when they stick a needle straight into your eye , and then stick a knife inside and start cutting the eye up. Highly recommend working safety as possible.

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