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    Smile Another G'day from WA

    Just a bit of a hello from over here in the wild west. Although, we do have a home in Victoria. Due to work now up in the Pilbara as a FIFO worker and with the borders being open, then closed, have decided to buy...have bought a house here in Perth.

    Now, a case of have an eastern and a western home.

    Anyway, here to pick up some hints/tips in the black arts of metal thingys. Being a HD Fitter and a bit of a closet boilermaker I do a bit of welding when I'm home, as well having touched on a bit of blacksmith 'stuff'. Once we've moved in and shed built I'll be up and running with all things a load of house reno's. Oh, did I tell you about the home we bought is a 'worst house in the best street.'

    Well, it'll be cheers & beers for now.


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    Welcome to the forum.

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    Hi Reccymech,

    Welcome to the forums,

    We have great bunch here very helpful and supportive of one another. You will find many like minded folk here with same interests as you.

    If you explore our pages you will find bits and pieces of interesting things all over the place.

    Go to the FORUM box at top LH corner and click on it.

    A drop down menu appears and you can select Forum Home at the top of the drop down menu list. Scan down the pages to look at what we have.

    Please make sure read the Terms of Use -our Rules - pretty standard for many forums these days. By joining the forum its automatic that they apply to you as a member

    Normally the soft ware works so you can't post pics or links until 10 posts are made ( or such links and pics are cleared by a mod)

    Its anti spam thing.

    If any questions contact me via PM and I'll try to help you.


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