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    Default Hello to Smith & Arrow

    This new forum is for our forum Sponsor Smith & Arrow Abrasives Australia.

    Smith & Arrow supply (hook and loop) abrasives for our U-Beaut Rotary Sander kits (below). I have been using their abrasives in demonstrations for the last few years since the Noritake product we used to have became unavailable in Australia. I've also used their cutting and grinding discs at the factory and in production.

    I have been very happy with the Smith & Arrow abrasives, and their excellent service. I can highly recommend them to forum members. Their direct link is below:
    Smith & ARROW - for all abrasives for metal fabrication, drill bits and safety gear.
    Rotary Sander Kit

    Cheers - Neil

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    Placed an order a couple of days ago! Good gear.

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