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    DKW RT125 of the 1940s was copied as the BSA Bantam.
    To have gear foot lever on the conventional British side, it was made a mirror-image from the original German layout.

    No royalties were paid as it was done under war reparation rules.
    The Volkswagen Beetle design was also on offer, but turned down by allied nations.

    I'm currently trying to get a friend's 1954 DKW RT250 to start and idle reliably, an elusive challenge.
    It goes nicely once on the road though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunch View Post
    Biggest problem I think was it tended to have a box full of neutrals - normally encountered at the worst possible time too. Seem to remember a shift drum modification or an undercutting operation was the cure?
    Yeah I have to agree the g/box was a bit hit and miss, although once you got used to it then it was not often that it would miss a gear, you had to push or lift the lever and hold it for a split second if dawdling around, clutchless gear changes when flogging it always got your gear.

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