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    May 2018
    Cairns, Qld.

    Default Hello there from FNQ

    Well, I joined-up here in May 2018 but never followed-up by contributing. Time to change that...
    Anyway, I'm 72 years old. Ex: aircraft engineer, plus I did some commercial flying in PNG & Solomons many moons ago.
    Bought a new AL300 lathe about 20 years ago to help with my motorcycle restoration projects. That machine has been improved over the years & earned its keep with lots of other projects. Running well.
    I bought a HM46 milling machine just a couple of weeks after originally signing up here. Then a busted leg from a bike prang slowed me down for a while. Once generally mobile again, I was not impressed with the amount of casting debris/sand evident throughout that new machine, plus some less than ideal fitting techniques, so I totally dismantled, cleaned, checked & rebuilt it to a hopefully improved standard. It's OK now. Still learning how to use it, on small projects so far.
    I have just finished building a heavy single-beam stand for the lathe, replacing the two steel boxes that it came with, & raising it by about 75mm for better ergonomics, plus cupboards below. Much more solid.
    Recently I was offered an old Sheraton C lathe that had sat unused for 20 years, covered in protective grease (& grime). It doesn't look too bad from 2 metres away, so that is the next project. I see there is a separate sub-forum here for them which should be helpful.

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    Hi Halifax614

    Welcome to our MetalWork Forums.

    To help explore the areas of our forum here's a guide on to to navigate our Forum and find the rest of the sub forums and help pages that make up the MetalWork Forums

    Goto the FORUM box in the top left hand cnr of the page and click the down arrow. This will bring up a pull down menu that has Forum Home at the top

    Click Forum Home which will present a scroll down page.

    Our rules,the Terms of Service are right at the top ,we encourage you to read them.

    Below that are all the various areas and sub forums that make up out MetalWork forums.

    If you want to post pics in your first ten posts sometimes our moderation kicks in,sometimes I may have to moderate them manually.

    Welcome to the mob.


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    Hi Halifax614

    Good to see another Queenslander.

    Feel free to share any details/pics of your bike restoration adventures.

    I hope to be up in your part of the world for the Targa GBR competition in Sep. Lots of work to be done and time is getting short.


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    gold coast


    Hi Halifax from another Queenslander.
    Got a lot of extended family spread across FNQ.

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    Welcome to the forum.

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