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    What a shame, not only to lose a good solid machine through bad handling but the disappointment and hassle resolving is a pain. I agree with previous posters that expecting to resurrect this to former glory is prob unlikely. I would love to have access to good old machines like this but I am lucky to have space. If you have space for it to live while you part it/ work out ways to resurrect it in another incarnation I wouldn't pass , but it is not a small machine!!! Gut feeling would be to take the money and run, sadly. Glad that the transport company are being reasonable. Hope it resolves well.

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    I really feel for you mate. This exact scenario was what kept me awake at night while my mill was in transit from Victoria to Tasmania just recently.
    I am amazed that the transport company is coming to the party as my experience over nearly 30 years has been that they claim the triple defence whenever there's an issue - "It was broken when we picked it up", "We never had it in the first place" and "It was in perfect condition when we delivered it."
    While a bitter pill to swallow, I think you will be lucky to recover the mill and put it back in service, however, scrap is worth bugger all at present and you would only need to recover a couple of motors and the DRO in order to cover this value, so perhaps negotiating taking possession of the remnants of the wreck may not be a bad thing provided it does not jeopordise any claim for costs you make.
    Ultimately you will only know the full extent of the damage once you have the machine in your possession and can start assessing what moves and shouldn't and what doesn't and should.
    If you have the time and space, it can't hurt to take the chance.
    For what it's worth, I'd remember the name of the transport company if they come through for you so you can use them again. That may sound strange, they've had a stuff up (obviously), but seem to be standing by you, which not many companies will. I highly doubt that they will ever make the same mistake again.

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    I think they have little option but to be reasonable as I was stood watching as the machine hit the ground!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mk1_Oz View Post
    I think they have little option but to be reasonable as I was stood watching as the machine hit the ground!
    Man that would have hurt! The excitement of buying a new machine, the nervousness of watching someone lifting it and then to watch them drop it! I would agree that extracting the full purchase price is a must, personally I would be then seeking to get the mill from them for scrap value or zero dollars, then stripping it down to assess the damage. But I have the shed space to do so. That is assuming you were buying the mill for a hobby rather than commercial purposes- if a hobby then the time stripping and rebuilding the machine is part of that. Also to consider is that you might have to pay the same mob to complete the delivery (assuming that they dropped it somewhere other than at your premises).

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