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    Default A look around my shop.

    SAM_0625.jpgSAM_0626.jpgSAM_0627.jpgSAM_0628.jpgSAM_0629.jpgSAM_0630.jpgSAM_0631.jpgSAM_0632.jpgSAM_0633.jpgSAM_0624.jpgSAM_0624.jpgHello from old Steamer. This is a bit of a shop tour. My workshop is mostly housed in 2 rooms that were used by a tennent for training forklift drivers. Thank god for the aircon.
    The first 2 pics are of units outside the rooms. Radial arm drill, 16" power hacksaw and Cincinatti No 2 T & C grinder for rebuild. Breirley Z25 drill grinder and welding equipment under the stairs.
    Pic 3 has a Tos T & C grinder, monster of a thing, and Cinci attachments for refurb.
    pic 4 shows my loco frames which go with the boiler in the last pic. Rong Fu T & C, used on annular cutters, Servian T & C with a form relief grinder and the Clarkson in the corner.
    Pic 5 again the last 2 T & C grinders and a bench on wheels so I can wheel all the grinders out the door and make the mess near the stairs.
    Pic 6 which is so bad, a J & S 540 surface grinder complete with spindle leak.
    Pic 7 into the next room with a First mill and slotting head, small powersaw, CMX450 shaper and a bit of the Kearns S borer.
    Pic 8 has the stripped Borer and original Silky Oak tool cabinet, complete with boring bars and snout bar.
    Pic 9 has my Mazak Mate lathe and shelving.
    The last 2 pics are the same as I can't find how to remove one of them. Model loco parts, a riding car, vintage engines and a huge dividing head.
    Pity this old bloke has to work or I'd be here every day.
    Hope you enjoy.

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    Thanks for the tour of the Man Cave, some very nice equipment you have there.
    To grow old is mandatory, growing up is optional.

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    Thanks for sharing the inside of your workshop. I wish mine was that well organised.
    All The Best steran50 Stewart

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    Thank you for your shop tour. I am impressed with your nice machines. Nice small radial drill!!
    I hope you will document your work on the Cincinnati t&c grinder. I have a AI Hembrug t&c grinder that I am working on that is a copy of the Cincinnati for the most part.

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