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Thread: Titanium

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    Default Titanium

    G'day forumites..

    I have some sheet titanium with which I thought I'd try making a pendant. Any tips? I found I can cut it ok with a hacksaw, and a reasonable polish starting with a cheap diamond stone to 600 grit then some 600 wet and dry followed by Tripoli on a buff. Still some scratche though and a few pits on the back.
    I also tried heat colour with a little gas burner. Certainly got colour but very subtle. Would ox-acetylene be better? Does anodising give brighter colour?

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    Do you have any idea what grade of Ti you have? Iíve only used 6AL4v (grade 5) but with this heat colours are quite bright and it anodises very well. There are quite a few online tutorials with anodising - you will want a decent DC power source up to around 120v for all colours. The colours tend to repeat but you tend to get better lasting colour using the higher voltages. I guess because the surface oxide layer you form is thicker.

    for multiple colours anodising is fun. If you lay down the highest voltage colour first (mask off the other areas with nail polish or remove some colour via sand blasting etc) you can then continue to add other colours without changing your high voltage colour.

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    Absolutely no idea... An auction find, along with a sheet of brass and copper..

    Have to dig through the junk box(es) for the makings of a variable supply..

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    Ti-6-4 is the most commonly used titanium alloy by far, so chances are it's either that or pure titanium

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    The anodising process is so quick, you can just use 9V batteries connected in series to get the desired voltage (it's almost instant). Of course that only gives you 9V increments. I suppose you could also place a variable power supply in series with the batteries to fine tune the voltage.
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