I have a bad habit of deep diving into Australian manufacturing history and as such spend a lot of time looking through old catalogues, brochures, books and manuals with the aim of pulling out relevant information to whichever company it is I'm looking into.

Sometimes these catalogues are hard to find, or are expensive ($300+ on eBay!) for the harder to find ones.

I figure that it won't just be me looking for them, as just in one example (McPhersons) there are hundreds of brands represented across a huge range of fields.

I'd like to scan in all the catalogues I have to share and preserve the information. I have ordered a fancy scanner that should do this non-destructively - though it has been held up by the COVID-19 pandemic - but in the meantime I have gotten started with just a flatbed scanner and a small catalogue, namely the McPhersons Guide For The Handyman.

General page:


McPhersons Guide:


You may notice that the guide has been processed through optical character recognition software so it's searchable. This should be a big help for the 500+ page catalogues if you're looking for just one brand or model.

If anyone has any brochures, catalogues or whatever else they are interested in loaning for the purpose of putting online in the same fashion drop me a line. You can see the list of what I have on-hand on the main books page in the other titles that aren't linked to a page.