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    Default BossWeld 186 MIG welder - Malfunctioning

    BossWeld 186 180Amp MIG Welder (transformer powered) for sale as a non serviceable, but repairable unit. Was running well then started making bird welds. BossWeld werenít interested in supplying either diagrams so I could fault find it, or parts when I established the issue. Basically they donít want to deal with home gamers. Local service agent wants $140/hr to take the screws out of the cover, plus any parts. IĎve decided on moving on to an inverter so Iím not interested in repairing it beyond what Iíve already established.
    I believe the issue is with the power control relay on the control board, but havenít tested that theory. Rectifier module and all the other big stuff appears OK.
    In decent shape cosmetically, comes with #15 Binzel clone gun, earth lead, and manual. No regulator or consumables.
    Purchased new in 2017.
    Offered at $60, which is what I will get if I scrap it.

    Interstate freight at cost, keeping in mind it weighs 32kg plus any packing so it wonít be cheap.
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