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    Just to add, I posted about it above and only a couple hours later after I posted the new seller of the ER40 collet chuck with the 100mm backing plate for the lathe sent me identical message.
    Your parcel has been lost and we have a long wait for stock, please start a dispute with personal reasons to get a refund, never again will I do that, lol

    What is it with me getting a ER40 collet chuck for the lathe, seems I'm cursed, lol
    I've got the ER32 already but wanted the larger diameter.

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    Default 4" mini electric chainsaw from China, beware!

    I recently ordered an unbranded 4" 550w 24V handheld mini chainsaw from an ebay seller which was Chinese but listed as "Australian stock". The item arrived after about a week, and required assembly of the bar and chain. When I did this, there was an obvious problem; the chain and guide bar were different gauges, meaning the chain was very loose in the bar. A check with a micrometer and feelers confirmed that the chain was .043" gauge (thickness), while the guide bar was designed for .050" chain. The chain tension could not be adjusted properly due to a apparent unevenness in the chain pitch.
    I sent a message to the seller who responded the next day, promising a swift and satisfactory remedy, and asking for photos to verify my claims; these were provided. Everything then went quiet. I then obtained quotes for a suitable chain loop to be made up locally, both quotes came in at approx $20 for a 1/4" x .050" x 28 link chain. I decided to lodge an ebay request for a return of the item. This was followed the next day by a message from the seller offering $5 refund, suggesting I might like to repair the item. I rejected the offer. The next day the seller increased the offer to $10, with a story about losing money on the deal. My response was that as it would cost me $20 to replace the chain, I would accept either a $20 refund or the item would be returned. The seller agreed with the $20 refund, which was processed by ebay.
    Unfortunately, the story doesn't end here. I fitted the chain from the local Stihl dealer, expecting success. The saw performed satisfactorily,but not well. I checked the voltage of the 24V battery, it was 19V. I put it on charge with the supplied charger; after two hours the charger indicated charge complete, so I removed the battery. It now measured 20V. I then noticed that the charger is rated as 21V output, not 24V or 25V.
    So there you have it, I have bought a donkey. The concept of this saw is brilliant, but the production reality is abysmal. I am sure the only quality control used is counting units. If you are contemplating the purchase of one of these saws, please be sure that it can be returned seller pays shipping, and that you check minutely every part of the item on receipt. BUYER BEWARE!


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