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    Default hercus c extended cross slide

    g'day eveyone. Ive had this casting kicking around for years. I nearly tripped over it a few times.
    I started the cross slide upgrade years ago. At my old work I roughed out the top surface sides and tee slots.
    and turned it over started doing the lower part.
    I lost the dimensions years ago.
    I didnt think enough about it. as usual.
    I had to set it up the so the First side i machined was square to the table. Not square i think i mean straight on long the table.
    Plus i had to check and square up the vertical head. I did this with the aid of a DTI indicator mounted in a collet in the vertical milling head judging around a large roller bearing.
    please excuse my photos . good ones are beyond me at the moment.

    I suppose i was just playing around. with the set up because i dont have a great deal of suitable clamps for the job.

    The Problem im having is.I think i need to make a set up that i can do more than 1 cutting operation. As it is now.

    I think i should be able to get the casting to overall dimensions and square ect . Cut the dove tail. plus drill and bore the ho;e in the middle that the lead screw nut mounts in.
    but My milling vises are to small to hold the casting. I have a larger vise. its more of a drill press type vise. what do you think?
    How should i set this up. Maybe i have to make some clamps out of maybe big key steel or other flat bar i have.
    Has any one got any ides on work holding ? does any one know the dimensions of it. I think im doing it in the right order.


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    I would be doing the same as you, clamping the slide directly to the FP1's table. Make sure the table is trammed if it's a universal table.


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    What tooling have you got or are going to use to measure the dovetail?
    What method are you going to use to measure the dovetail?

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    g'day bob and pipe clay. Nice to see you both here.
    The mill does have a plan table.. I payed a bit of attention to traming the vertical head. I was happy with it at the time.
    Then i ran a Dti along the chuck side of the casting. So that dove tails would be parallel. That was a real pain in the .
    I kept chasing my tail.Until i used the Cardboard under the casting then it seemed to just fall into place.

    I didnt like my clamping method so ive removed the job and started building a set of clamps. this allowed me to measure it.
    Basically measuring 6 points its within 0.01 mm. So some how i must of done something right.
    At the moment the dove tail bit in the middle is 35mm wide and 5mm deap.

    Ive got micrometers ,a small boring head a set imperial collets up to 3/4 . A 100 mil seco face citter a couple of 40 mm ones. A couple of dove tail cutters 25mm i think 60 deg. slot drills end mills . slip gauges. telescopic gauges. i dont have a depth mic or reliable calipers.
    I was planing on using round dowls to measure the the dove tail.
    What size dowls??
    Im not sure how to measure if the dovetail grove is parallel.

    Next the dove tail. ??? I just relished that hole in the middle is not for the cross slide nut.
    In reference to what is that hole positioned.

    Any way I had a bit of fun playing machinist.

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