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    Default R8 Collets vs E32

    When I bought my Bridgeport it came with a small number of R8 collets. I decided to purchase a half set of Vertex ER32 (?) collets/R8 adaptor.

    Is there any benefit of using the original R8 collets vs using the ER32 collet? The only thing I can think of is that the ER32 hangs lower so reduces the working room a little. Anything else?

    I need to get a full set of one or the other (or both?).

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    Wider grip range on ER collets. R8 collets only have a small range, like a 5C. For holding mill tooling which is usually to a nominal size anyway that's not a big deal.

    R8 also goes to a very slightly larger max size.

    Of course in theory R8 collets will have better runout than an collet in a collet chuck, but that depends on your collet manufacturer.

    An ER32 collet set can be used in other places whereas R8 is a mill spindle taper only. For example, I use my ERs in the lathe tailstock for small drills.

    ERs are more widely available and cheaper for equivalent quality.

    Either way, for holding milling cutters you rarely need a full set. And a full set of metric or imperial? A full set of ER32 (or better yet ER40) is versatile, but will you ever need an 11mm or 9/16 R8 collet? Would you ever buy an endmill in one of those sizes?

    Personally, I have a full set of cheap ER32s and I replaced those I use most with quality Vertex ones, all used in an excellent Vertex R8-ER32 chuck. I also have 4 quality R8s in sizes I have special use cutters for (eg a 7/8 for a couple of long series endmills) plus the 6mm and 10mm I use most. FYI, watch out for cheap Chinese R8 metric collets, they'll come with M12 drawbar threads, even though they say different on their adverts.


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