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    Default Mill tool storage

    I was asked the other day how to store mill tooling in a drawer. I store mine vertically -
    but the question was put to me, so using a supermarket chopping board (yellow I think is uncooked poultry...), came up with this. The back is just some flat strips. The front was one piece where the holes were roughed with a hole saw and then cleaned up with a boring head. The base is some galv steel sheet. The back is screwed to the plastic strip, the front strip is sandwiched between an upturn and a strip, with a slight lead in on both edges to help guide the holder in (and keep it there when in position).
    The only issue (and why I think vertical is a better storage option) is that when the holders have a long overhang (long and/or heavy cutting tools), they can tip or not want to sit flat. Solvable with a loop at the back (or a peg in the threaded part), but extra mucking around.


    (Bonus information - the paint pen rings (red or blue) on the second picture indicate metric or imperial draw bar threads. The draw bars are similarly marked so that if I'm going to screw things up, I do it properly)

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    Thanks for sharing. Iím on the quest for the same grail, but havenít gotten as far as mill tooling yet.

    I like it, I see a variation to suit my MT3 tooling coming up., although probably colour coded to uncooked meat more than chicken

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    Thanks for sharing Michael. I never get tired at looking at other people's tooling storage solutions. Mine is not as elaborate, just some holes bored into a timber book case that i acquired years ago.


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    Default very nice

    that looks great Michael. a lot better than what i have done.
    Looks like a pretty good selection to mate.

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    Good stuff Michael,

    A place for everything and everything in its place. Its a good rule for our work spaces.

    I did a similar exercise when I obtained extra QCTP blocks from a Forum member and its has worked well.

    Your well thought out system minimizes the chance of misplacing tooling and damage.

    Unfortunately I have not taken my tool organization much past the lathe and drill press and the shed needs a total reorganization.

    So I am treating your post as a timely reminder.

    Thanks for posting


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