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    Default Hercus Mill X, Y Z feed screws

    Got a question about the Hercus Mill . I believe my small mill was pre metric manufactured so was fitted with dials, graduated in .001". When the country changed over to the metric system the dials were replaced with metric ones. What I dont know is if the feed screws for X,Y & Z axis were changed also.
    This query has been brought about by the fact that my mill like other Hercus mill is vertically challenged on the Z axis. After putting up with minimal work space for years, I have decided to add a 150mm block to the column which will mean an extended Z screw is required.
    Now I have measured the Z Screw and it appears to be square thread , pending inspection with a magnifying glass, it is 0.751" OD and 4mm pitch. An odd combination I know but thats the best fit dimensions I can up with.
    Can any Hercus guru shed any light on the fact that the lifting screw is an original or an upgrade replacement due to metricification. Also have a lot of backlash in the Y feed screw nut that needs to e looked at. The Z screw is not really a problem, being a fitter I'll just make an extension to suit the existing nut, whatever the thread may be, but my curiosity is aroused as the Z screw is not even close to any standard thread I can find, perhaps A Hercus special. Love to hear your thoughts guys

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    I have a metric Hercus
    The vertical screw is 2 mm per turn as is the in-out, the side to side is 5mm.
    I takes two full turn of the Z handle to rotate the Z screw once so it must be a 4mm pitch and a 2:1 reducing bevel gear.

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