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    Default bruce w

    Quote Originally Posted by rbr77 View Post
    Hi Ol Steamer

    Earth clamp is always on fresh ground part of work piece I will check grub screws for good contact I have seen plenty of power points singed from lazy leckos not striping back insulation,
    I must admit with a little guilt I was using up the last of my rods from an old pack and yes there was a fair amount of powder residue on them which i wiped off before use but defiantly didn't warm them up before use so that no doubt has contributed ( Guilty as charged )
    I actually used the last ones up yesterday and will open fresh pack today and give them a whirl How do you suggest i store them ? possibly a spaghetti container ?
    open to suggestions
    Excuse my knowledge but do you mind explaining Recovery 115% you mention with Ferrocraft 21 and also lagging ? I already hold rod at approx 15 off
    I have watch a few You tube vids but you can never really get a good idea of both angles just looking at a screen.

    Thanks so much for your input
    With regards to storing used rods I keep mine in an old micro wave oven (not working of course) and or old fridges anything that will keep the rods at a slightly different temperature to the outside temp

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    Default Welding with electrodes.

    Hello from the old goat again.
    If you want to store electrodes for extended periods I have found lengths of down pipe fitted with screw on caps best, or mums plastiware. You have to limit the atmosphere exchange as temp changes.
    By lead and lag angle I refer to the electrode contact in relation to the holder. With stick rods the electrode tip lags the hand piece. With mig wire the wire tip leads the torch unless using flux cored wire.
    Hi iron powder electrodes typically give recovery rates between 135-145% but can suffer more from magnetic arc blow than GP's.
    If you can find it on the web a good guide for mig welding is the Liquid Arc Mig/Mag Welding Guide. Document number C4.200LA . It was a Lincoln company here in Aus.

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