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    Default Buyer Beware - Postage costs

    Buyer beware. I got caught by Australia Post today.
    I sold a cutter to a member on a Facebook machinist page and agreed to post it.

    Had a look on the Aus Post site and they are promoting a "if it fits it posts" at a flat rate. I misread the website. They have some weird rules regarding packaging. As I had a padded mailer and not one of their "special" satchels it didnt qualify for the flat rate. In fact when I got home I checked and I could have put the padded mailer the cutter is in, into one of their special satchels and then paid the flat rate. Of course the Aus Post people didn't tell me that when I was there. So instead of costing the $8.90 I was expecting (and had charged the buyer) it cost me $15.35So if you are posting something pay attention to the cost.I hope this stops someone else from making the same mistake I did.Peter.

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    Hi Guys,

    The UK post is getting cute like that. They have a letterbox shaped aperture, anything that will not pass through it gets charged at ridiculous rates.
    Best Regards:
    Baron J.

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