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    Default SA- 100mm Cross Slide drill vice

    100mm cross slide vice, suit drill press. Chinese/Taiwanese manufacture. Has done very little work, was purchased for a specific task about 20yrs ago, gathered dust for a bit, more recently Iíve been using it as a weight when I glue wood together. Could do with some oil but otherwise in decent serviceable condition.
    Id be happy with $30 for it, but if you think thatís out of order then feel free to make an offer.
    Would prefer it was picked up because crating it for posting will be a pain, but if youíre interstate and really want it get in touch and weíll work something out.
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    I am happy to pay $30 for a tool not made in that other place and has no plastic.

    Consider it Sold.


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    Sold pending all the usual stuff occurring

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