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    Cool NSW: Pro Panel Beating/Body Repair Kit

    I don't know how many of you beat up thin pieces of metal (I spend most of my time on the woodwork forums), but on the off chance:

    Kennedy 7 piece panel-beating kit. I bought this when I lived in the UK. Used one of the lasts to straighten out a dent, and the kit has sat in the garage since. Kennedy make good quality tools at reasonable prices (my ex-sister in law used to work for the supplier, so I knew they were decent when I got them).

    It's this kit: - equivalent of $160 new. Compared to this Aussie kit for that price (, the Kennedy kit is 3x the weight. Sounds like a bit more metal to me.

    $80; Prefer pickup from Newcastle NSW. Happy to box it up if you want to arrange a courier - at close to 8kg, the postman probably wouldn't be too keen.

    closed.jpg open flat.jpg open angle.jpg open set.jpg

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    Good timing - I'll take them.
    Just started on restoring my Landrover project and I was planning to get something similar to put some dents into a couple of new panels to make them look "factory"

    Will send you a PM.


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    Lightbulb Sold

    Sold pending payment then. PM replied to, Steve

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