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    Sep 2016
    mandurah wa

    Default My New AC DC Tig Arrived

    After much consideration and searching from, the good the bad and the ugly of AC tigs, I bought the Token Tools Elite 215A combo with plasma cutter.

    Took just 7 days from order to arrival here in SW WA.

    Packed extremely well and very impressed with the total package, I also bough some ally rods , tungsten's and a small torch.

    Not fired up in anger as I need some argon first (have argon mix from my mig) so need to swop out at the big green shed, but it all lights up and seems fairly easy to understand the menus.

    More to follow.

    Oh and it's bloody heavy ! so I'm assuming a good sign of a quality unit.

    Another satisfied TT customer.

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    Sep 2016
    mandurah wa

    Default TT AC DC Tig First use

    Better late than never, finally got my new welder up and running to build some aluminium frames for the beds in my camper conversion I'm doing.

    Using 32x32x3 shs I welded up the corners and cross supports fine, welder performs a treat, did seem to have the amperage higher than the recommended 30A/mm, I jacked it up to 150A and using the footpedal it puddles quick and is so smooth.

    Only downside is me, I'm rusty as hell and keep dipping the tungsten, ha lots of grinding but I'll get there.

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    Mackay North Qld


    I glad to hear all is running well.

    Just a gentle reminder that the tig radiation is the most severe of all so don't forget to cover up. In summer it is so easy to disregard in the quest for comfort.

    A short few minutes of tig exposure can cause the harm that could be expected in hours with a stick welder.


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