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    As nearness says TPC with the bent rack. We had a DP with similar rack damage at the Mens Shed and when they tried to straighten it the rack snapped, It seemed to be be made out of some sort of ferrous cheese.

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    Commander - I reckon if you can wind the table down to the kinked area and slide the top collar that the rack sits in up - you might be able to pull the rack out sideways at the top and gently straighten the kink.


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    Hi Guys,

    A bit of heat might help !

    I've only ever had one drill press with a table rack like that, and I didn't like it one bit ! So I removed it using a similar method to the one Steve suggested. I loosened and lifted up the top ring and as I wound the table down the rack lifted away from the column, looking like a banana with a zip on the side. I also found that the bottom ring could be raised up the column so the rack could be lifted and set about 18" inches from the floor.
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    Just found this video- What I'm working with is pretty much identical, just the full height model, and same product, different branding.
    Mine is nowhere near as FUBAR'd as that one though...

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