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    Default Hafco AL 330 lathe stand ideas!

    I have this AL 330 in my shop and itís sitting on the standard blue cabinet legs, itís a bit of a pain as I like to move things regularly to sweep out under them and clean things down of dust and crap!

    Wondering what people have done, like maybe built a new cabinet on wheels for under it, or even just like a trolley for the blue cabinets to sit on?

    Any pics would be appreciated! Also mine is missing a cover for over the FWD/REV switch wiring. Hafco couldnít find it in the catalog to replace it. Surely someone has had to replace it at some stage?

    I scored this lathe off a bloke who built small steam powered trains, it annoys me that I didnít clean it before pushing into the shop so next free weekend I have Iíll be taking it out and giving it a good degrease, pressure wash and then wipe down and re lubricate everything.

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    Personally I don't pressure wash machines, it just causes future problems. Especially in the headstock and apron.

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    I agree. No pressure washing of the mechanicals, the stand ok provided the mechanicals can be protected. Paint brush and turps as a first pass got the mechanicals.

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    Mate's one is on a pallet - and he moves it with a pallet jack - doubt it improves finish or accuracy! From memory, the 330A thread from last year, had someone who raised their's somehow, maybe with pics?? Just an FYI, the 330 and 330A are a little different.

    To clean it, I'd get the compressor cranked up and blow the hard to get rubbish out from under the bed first up, or a magnetic wand, if the swarf is mostly ferrous. Lots of rags soaked in kero should do the rest.

    The switch cover, with H&F not all that interested in supporting these, I'd fold one up on the brake in a couple of minutes rather than stuff around, but this may fit

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    Build a frame from heavy angle iron that the blue base can fit snuggly into. Add some lockable wheels and youíre done

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    Hi there,

    If you want to turn accurately as in reasonably parallel and be able to level the lathe bed then putting it on wheels will not work too well. It needs to be on sturdy feet that are adjustable.

    Agreed, it's a PITA moving machines around. I only do it when I purchase a new machine and need to create space but that's getting less and less now. I just vacuum and hand broom around the machine.

    As others have said, unless you are totally (and I mean totally) stripping the machine down, then don't pressure wash it as it will blow crud into the bearings and create big issues. Wipe it down with a rag, use a paint brush to clean and use a vacuum.

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