Good morning to all

I am seeking information on casting.

Call me a novice, I only have had experience as an apprentice many years ago watching patterns being made and helped in painting them for the endeavour replica when it was being built.
Im now a marine engineer and wish to make some parts that cannot be aquired for some restoration projects.
In my collection of books I have a literature on casting etc, and so I seek help now in the design of a waste oil burner that I plan to buy and incorporate into the furnace.
Dimensions and limitations of my ambitions are welcome.

I wish to cast iron and bronze brass and have fire bricks to start including metal for fabrication.
The castings on some parts will have to to be a good finish to minimize machining and in terms of size., from grams and up too 20 kilo
Which I will contract out fir the larger components.
It would ideal for me to have it on a sturdy wheel system to move in and out.
To push under a gantry to lift the crucible if need be.

Perth based seeking help from those who have been doing this for a while when someone has the time.

If your also perth based, im willing to come meet you at some stage.