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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael G View Post
    On 3D printers I'll say this - the printer is the easy/ cheap part. The software that I'm using to model things is around $10k per seat. While there are some things that it can not do, it's pretty powerful. while I have occasionally entertained fantasies about having a printer here at home, realistically it would be a waste of money without capable software to drive it.

    I did have a thought that if I had 6 different ideas, I could have one per drawer.

    You might be surprised at what the free software can do. My at home 3D printing work now exceeds the fabrication/restoration and I do a lot of work with threaded/hinged/etc. parts, or those with O-ring channels for sealing motors etc. - all with $0 software.

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    Default Combination lock handle !

    Hi Michael,

    This one is just for you. I was nosing around in Ikia's timber disposal area this morning and I spotted this in a broken cupboard door. Two screws and it was mine. I thought of you the instant I saw it.

    07-12-2019-05.JPG 07-12-2019-06.JPG
    Its 70 mm in diameter and 20 mm overall thickness. It rotates through 90 degrees and is secured by the two pozidrive screws that you can see. Unfortunately the arms that locked the door have already gone. But for free I'm not going to complain.

    The local Ikia put large quantities of damaged and broken cupboards, wardrobes and shelving outside for people to take away at no charge. I've seen large vans pull up and are simply loaded up before being driven away. I've had quite a number of very useful items from there.
    Best Regards:
    Baron J.

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