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Thread: Budget Welders

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    Check out this video bloke is using a 2500w generator it appeared to me while i was watching it on my mobile he was welding around the 80 to 100amps

    another video off a 1000w generator

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    Look at the welder data plate. Or even the machine's destruction manual tech page.
    It will have a lot of 'gobbledegook' on it, but the thing you'll be interested in is the voltage tolerance. Usually 240V +/- 15% or similar.

    Then toddle off to an online voltage drop calculator.
    Plug in cable Cross sectional area (CSA, eg 2.5mm2), ambient temp, some will also give info for single core, multi core, or bundled cables.
    This will give you an idea of how many usable volts you'll have on the end of your extension lead.
    If Voltage drop is greater than your lower acceptable voltage of the machine (ie 240V -15%, or 204V in this example), then you'll be pushing the proverbial uphill to get a weld. Welders are gearboxes for power, so there is no free lunch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobL View Post
    I'm using a 10m long x 2.5mm cored extension lead on a 15A GPO for my welder without any problems.
    Did you buy that or roll your own? Every ext lead I've looked at in the shops has maxed out at 1.5mm2.

    As I've mentioned before, I have a couple of custom ext leads made up from old bore pump orange circ cable, where I've doubled up the neutral, active or both depending on the no. of cores. I think one is 4mm2 3C+E and the other 2.5mm 4C+E.

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