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    Default WIA fine voltage switch

    Hi all,

    On a long-shot, I was wondering if by any chance someone might know what position each pole is meant to be in relation to each other in the Fine voltage cam switch in a WIA Weldmatic 335.

    I made a big boo-boo yesterday. The switch was only allowing me to move between 5 to 9, and I decided I'd see if I could find the cause within. After partially separating it, I decided to test the range of movement of the first two poles, and it was only after I finished clicking it back and forth a few times that I realised "There aren't any markings to denote each poles offset, oh bother"

    My next course of action will be to contact WIA, and possibly Kraus & Naimer to see if they would be willing to help me.

    At the very least, it's a lesson learned for when I do the same with the coarse adjustment switch

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