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    Default Burnie (Tas) to Adelaide (SA)

    I'm traveling back home on Tuesday 23rd of October on the Spirit of Tasmania Ferry. I haven't really time to dwell in Melbourne as I want to dodge the morning traffic* but will be going via Ballarat - Horsham - Bordertown - Keith to Adelaide. I may be able to carry items although car space is limited.

    In the interests of safe travelling though there will be stops along the route every couple of hours, so if you are along the way and don't mind me popping in for a 10 or 15 minute shed tour, then let me know. Won't be much longer as I don't want to have to overnight on the way home if I can help it.

    Lunch stop is probably Horsham - any suggestions on a good place to go?


    *Disembarkation starts at 6:30am, so would hope to have 1/2 an hour or so before the morning traffic builds up. Sorry to those on the eastern side of Melbourne - it would be nice to visit but for some reason I'm keen to get home.

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    Bottled water already in the fridge Michael.


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    near Rockhampton


    Feel free to take a short detour and drop in.
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