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    BobL is offline Member: Blue and white apron brigade
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    Default Another Angle grinder incident

    Don't know the full story yet but it reminds me that safety glasses are not enough and Full Face PPE is a must for these things.

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    Default Fire season is upon us.

    Cutting some small pieces of 3mm steel carefully clamped to the edge of the bench.
    Smelt smoke then saw some.
    Thought Id cooked the 125 Bosch then realised my cotton work shirt was on fire.

    The common safety clothing is all flammable nowadays.
    I was bloody stupid as I had a blacksmiths leather apron nearby.
    Ive melted a few reversible safety coloured vests in the past.
    As a youth set my frayed overall cuffs alight arc welding. (Hand me downs from my Dad).
    Jimcracks for the rich and/or wealthy. (aka GKB '88)

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