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    Question Finding Engineering Design Software For Automatic Machine Design

    are there any DESIGN ENGINEERING software package have all functions:
    (Automatic machinery, Automatic systems)

    Fastening & Joining
    Fluid Power
    Motion Control

    Are there any industry software have all above functions?
    Their names, website.

    In addition, are there any free software have above functions?

    Are these free software can run on Linux, 32/64 MB RAM(for example: Slackware).

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    Your Question fits well into "The Absolute definition of Optimism" category.
    Try Solid works or Autodesk inventor for the design work.
    Or maybe try Linux draughting packages.
    How is china by the way?

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    How long is a piece of string and how much are you prepared to pay?

    As mentioned, you could try the Solidworks or Inventor route but these packages have add ons for most of your list but not all.

    Solidedge is part of a family of products that has all of your requirements, but be prepared to pay. SE, UG and the like are part of Siemens.

    I am a long time Soldiworks user and part time Inventor user and am currently reviewing what Solidedge has to offer. It does much more than I need, so I don't need to worry about all the special links to the rest of the software that you would need.

    When looking for a CNC package for Solidworks some time back, I was thwarted by the translation from Modelling to machine centre. You could get it to work, but it was not dynamic and a real pain. Autocad Inventor had much the same problems but in the sheetmetal area the translation was easier but not straightforward.

    I also looked and factory development software as well and there was another area that most packages seem to leave out. I assume by "automatic" systems you mean systems for automation. If the package could do what you need "automatically" we would all be out of a job.

    On talking to the SE rep, he suggested that most of that was just a handwritten cheque away.
    You may need to be more specific reagrding your actual requirements, as most of the current market leaders can do your analysis stuff in their "simulation" add ons.
    Materials and fasteners are often just libraries that can be created or purchased.

    Electrical is either schematic or routing and they are very different in approach.

    What market of design are you trying to provide for? This helps narrow the software to an area of speciality. Most packages have evolved from one field and tried to encompass all as they grwo.

    Hope that helps.

    Cheers Camoco

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