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    Default Air delivery

    A question for all the smart people, is there a simple way to measure the air delivery/capacity of a air compressor in Liters per minute of a unknown capacity compressor

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    If you know the size of the tank in Litres, and the compressor has a pressure gauge, then the following is one way to work out the max air delivery rate at pressure.

    Bleed air from the compressor so that it starts a recharge cycle.

    When it starts the recharge start a stop watch and stop it when the compressor switched off call that time "T" and convert that to minutes.
    Note the pressures (in PSI) at the start and end of the recharge and call the difference between the 2 pressure, "P"

    Divide P by 14.7 and multiply that by the volume of the tank (V) in litres, that gives you the total volume compressed.
    Then divide V by T (in minutes) and that will give you the litres per minute.

    Lets say a compressor takes 1.5 mins to recharge a 100L tank from 90 to 135 PSI

    P = 45 PSI , V = 100, T = 1.5

    Total volume compressed = 45/14.7 *100 = ~ 300L

    Divide that by 1.5 mins = 200L/min

    Actual discharge will depend on the diameter and length of the hose and and get attached to the end of the hose.

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    Thanks BobL and Baron J that should see me right

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