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    Default Servian Drill Press Update

    Well, I've finally manged to complete the resto on an old Servian Drill Press I rescued from the deceased estate of an old sparkie. Was a complete rebuild and replacement of the old donk with a slightly used DC treadmill motor with PWM speed control. Many thanks to John B for his advice and help - have learned so much from he and others on this forum. When you get to be an old fart and can still learn things, makes it even more worthwhile - thanks to all who helped

    Due to the Bat Flu Pandemic and constant lockdowns etc it took ages for supplies etc, Won't bore you with the details in this post other than to say I had to get the quill straightened by an engineering chap - it now has less than 0.0001 run out which will do me. Bearings were all updated with modern shielded ones and because the cast iron table had numerous apprentice holes, mate filled those as I have no way of properly handling cast iron welds. He did a brilliant job which took 2 days to cool down in the thermal heat blanket - just so it didn't 'ping'

    The paint was the closest I could get to match the original - the new one is a special Haynes acrylic 2 pack mix which the paint bloke made up for me - min of 1 litre (only used a quarter of that - rest is set like a rock in the tin; dries in 1 minute with a brush so you cannot go back over any - believe it reacts with O2 for hardness and requires special spray application so I brushed instead - paint is chip free, hard as a proverbial witches......oil just wipes off.

    Motor runs ever so smooth and can be reversed for left hand bits. The pot allows very slow speeds and doesn't lose torque at lower revs...because the shaft is MT I can use all my lathe MT stuff as well as the chuck. Tacho works both ways in positive display from the Hall Affect Sensor I mounted to the drive. Reverse is so handy as saves me trying to mount things up in the lathe if I have to remove broken studs or taps etc. I scored a set of LH bits which I can now use and deliberately chose a keyed chuck over and auto one - just me!

    Weighs heaps as has a solid shaft with cast iron head, base and plate - at least several hundred KG' I mounted it on a moveable frame because I have limited space now and added a few grinders and drawers so I don't have to move far to sharpen bits etc. being an old fart, makes it easier to get at everything

    Here's a few piccies of what she looks like now.... if you want any specifics or more details just ask....thanks again for all your help, it was greatly appreciated...Lee

    ps...sorry about the delay John
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    Hi Lee,

    What a wonderful job you have done on that Servian Drill press

    I must admit that I thought that you had abandoned it, but I'm glad you have completed the project, I'm very impressed.
    Thanks for the pictures.
    Best Regards:
    Baron J.

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    Really nice job you've done on it
    All The Best steran50 Stewart

    The shortest way to do many things is to do only one thing at once.

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    Good job on the servian restoration barkersegg. Iíve just acquired a 3mt servian drill press from a shed clean out ,there a lot of parts missing but they are heavily made and well built machines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bunyadust View Post
    Good job on the servian restoration barkersegg. Iíve just acquired a 3mt servian drill press from a shed clean out ,there a lot of parts missing but they are heavily made and well built machines.
    Thanks bunyadust and others for your kind feedback - it's appreciated.

    Yes I agree they are well made machines and with care will last generations. Considering they were mainly built during and prior WW2 it's amazing how they adapted their production with limited resources etc to achieve the quality we now see. I have a Chinese pedestal drill with all the laser bib and bobs, tilt table, step ladder and key less chuck.......I feel embarrassed just to locate the Servian near it but luckily the Chinese press is destined for newer pastures at the grandsons - but he wants the Servian instead.....haha

    They are heavy units indeed and not being as fit and ferocious as I once was the Engine hoist took a thrashing lifting and moving it around while being worked on - hope you eat your weeties or have a gantry at your disposal - you'll need it

    Good luck with your resto and if you need any help just yell out and I can certainly pass on what I learnt during mine....remember...lots of piccies for us certified tool tragics .....Lee

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