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    Wall studs.. That is some evil genius out of the box thinking. I like it!

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    Default Boxes from Spare Shelves

    A few months ago I had a need for two drawers to go under a bench I was doing up for one of my sons. I was able to make them up out of some old shelves that had been getting under foot for years. I have mocked up some pics to show part of the folding operation as I did not take any at the time.
    The drawer width is controlled by the shelf depth but other sizes can be adjusted to some degree. The drawer sides could be made from more shelves or two from one shelf if lower sides are acceptable.

    Picture 1 shows the finished product
    Picture 2 shows a shelf blank (upside down) and a folded shelf.
    Picture 3 shows a mock-up of the folding operation. The folding was done by hand and the bend squared up by using a mallet and a block of wood. The metal was not thick on these shelves, if thicker material is used extra slots could be put on the fold line with a thin grinding disc in an angle grinder.
    Picture 4 is a mock-up showing the 90 degree cut to be made in 4 places on the shelf edges. The blacked out section was cut out with the angle grinder.
    Picture 5 the folded shelf.
    Picture 6 The sides, I used some gal sheeting I had available for the sides and tack welded these in place. This did not work as well as I would have liked because of the thin material. Screws or rivets and some small angle brackets would have been better.

    Drawer runners were fitted to the conveniently formed box section along the bottom edges of the drawer. Note that clearance was necessary in the front for the runners to come forward with the drawer.

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    It's all very beaut. There's enough advice, suggestions and examples there to keep me going for yonks.

    Haven't decided just what to make yet. Feel sort of attracted to the idea of making some kind of folder first. Always nagged at me that I never got to build that big thing I'd first planned.

    I'm slower than treacle in winter but when I've got something to show I'll come back and show it. And thanks to all.

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    I weld that size sheet with 0.6mm Mig wire.
    You need to tack about 5mm, move on a couple on 40-50mm, tack and so on to save blow through and warpage.
    Work your way around and then start again.

    He are some covers I did a few months back, it's welded from the outside, then ground off with a flap disc. There was about 1.8 meters of welding in the 2 covers.

    As it shows there is plenty of penatration and weld left for strength after grinding, which I will lightly sandblast to remove the white gal crap before painting.

    Doing these was a big change after welding 10-12mm beams over the previous months, so I actually enjoyed it, and it's always the challenge I like.

    Lots of people say it can't be done with Mig, expeicially with a old transmig 195 with only 6 voltage settings, but it can with patience.

    Oh and you should wear something so you don't breath in the gal, something I should listen to.

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    To the originator of the thread, if you need tinsmans rivets I have a bucket of them. Let me know. Damien
    I'm a dancing fool! The beat goes on and I'm so wrong!!!!

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