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    Default Waldown type H drill press info reqd. (spindle lubrication)

    I have a type H Waldown drill (3000 / 6000 rpm ?)

    On the front (in line with the spindle) it has a grease (or oil) nipple and a few inches directly below that a screw

    Presumably the nipple is for lubrication of the spindle, I don't know what the screw does

    Does anyone know what lubrication is required ?

    Perhaps where I could access a manual for the H or a similar Waldown

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    Default lessons learned

    Hello Johntopp,

    I have just finished restoring a Herbert drill and thought I might offer a lessons learned. One thing I found out was how much dried grease can be in a gallery behind a nipple. Don't think you will be able to pump the old grease out by pushing more new grease in. It may ever get to the right place. It took a while to get it all out of my drill and it was messy.

    Usually a general purpose grease is used for normal drills so a red or blue grease. Just do not over grease it !!!!! M drill can do 18000rpm so I used a white grease formulated for both high speed and low temp applications. Oil will not stay in the quill as gravity wins over viscosity.

    The screw may be unrelated to the grease gallery and may house a step pin to align the spindle housing. See if you can get a parts list and exploded diagram. There may be a member who has an O&M manual for your drill

    regards mgtoolmaker

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    Default thanks for that

    You're right about the screw, it lines up with the spindle alignment slot

    I pulled out the grease nipple, but it's all clear behind, I can see the drive rod rotating, it's clean so I don't think the spindle assembly has ever been pumped full of grease.

    I removed the spindle drive pulley, there's an open ball race there, I guess I just need to pack it with grease

    But I don't know about the bottom bearing, I wonder if it's also a ball race, or something a bit more exotic.

    I'm inclined to hold off on breaking it down, it's running well, and if it ain't broke..............

    I'll poke around and see if I can find an exploded diagram of something similar, can't find anything about the type H, but maybe it's similar to the HN

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