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    Quote Originally Posted by BobL View Post
    I rescued mine out of a skip where I used to work and I reckon they are the bees knees for storage.
    The outer shell was bent and split open so I had to straighten and pop rivet the shell back together.
    I welded up a frame out of 32 mm SHS and used and old 32 mm tassie oak lab bench top.

    I don't move my benches or machines around that much so I mainlyuse HDPE feet on my benches - this means they can still be slid around on the floor without digging big gouges out of the concrete but once they have a bit of weight in/on them the benches don't move.

    This bench has become my main assembly/fix it table - problem is it is usually covered in shyte so there is no room to do anything.
    Funny how Murphy gets even with us when it comes to bench space.all the ''doers'' in my life seem to suffer the same issue shyte adorned benches.Cluttered benches,my old man used to say was a place where things happen.Tools downed from the last job ''hanging on the floor'' because the next job is waiting,seems to be my main beef.Can't seem to find any elves or a cat to do the over night clean up. Cheers from Late night Engineering.

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    Nice bench Bob, love your timber top.

    Stuart, yes the tracks on the drawers are the weakest points. I just unscrewed the rollers from the nutserts and they all came out except for one where the nutsert was spinning in the carcase. My rollers have a shallow phillips head with just enough meat to allow unscrewing.

    Ueee, pity about you missing out on the drawers. I will have to keep an eye on Allbids more often, although I am pretty stocked up on storage cabinets... for now at least.
    He Who Dies With the Most Tools Wins

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