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    Cool Hole MIG welded up in tractor exhaust manifold.

    My neighbor bought a 1942 2N Ford this winter and someone had brazed a crack in the manifold. So he got out his die grinder and ground the crack almost all the way around and left a hole on the backside. I wanted him to remove the part so i could mig it properly but he resisted. So today i mig welded it up. Considering the rust and the nozzle didn't fit between the motor and manifold i think it turned out pretty good. Crown Alloys 44-30 .035 cast iron mig wire and 75/25 gas...Bob
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    Nice job. I've never heard of that MIG wire, must tuck it away for future reference (and then find out it's totally unobtainable in Australia, like flux cored 309 wire *).

    The clown who delivered my Lister marine diesel managed to break the intake manifold. It's a pretty poor design WRT strength, truth be told. One of these days I'll braze it up. I'm happy with oxy-acetylene brazing on things like this, it's stronger and more ductile than the cast iron anyway. Lot slower though and you need to have the bottles which is getting more expensive all the time.


    * OK the flux cored 309 might not be totally unobtainable, but try buying a 1 kg spool at the local big welding supply shop and see how you go.

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