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    Exclamation bench top for a bench grinder

    i have built a bench out of pallet racking for a bench grinder. i have a welding bench and i just wanted to know what i should use for a bench top. i was thinking jarrah floor boards??

    thanks alot!

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    Tom..........if you are going to use a timber top, then I would recommend covering it with a sheet of gal iron or similar cut to size so you can easily wipe it down and not be worried about hot sparks and bits of metal digging into it...... I'm not as well sourced as you and used 2 sheets of 19mm mdf instead of jarrah on my grinding's flat, rigid enough but more importantly, cheaply's the metal covering that takes the abuse and collects the grindings making it easy to brush them up when you are done grinding......nothing worse than leaving the shed to smell something; other than your overalls - still smouldering later on..........just a suggestion........Lee

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