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    Default Need some advice people

    Ok Here is a story for you
    I had a mate ring me up and say Luke , you want my old Manual Lathe (CQ6230 )I told him i wouls love to (power cross feed 38mm bore just the steep up i wanted from the mini lathe) buy dont have the funds ,, he said its yours free...
    WHats the catch
    Well i have brought a new factory and if you dont take it im leaving it here . OK im there.
    SO the lathe was brought new in 1993 and sat in the same corner for 17 plus years . in this time it kinda got built in. now there are small doors and stairs to negotiate with a 620 kg lathe mmmmmmmmm .
    So i go screw it and pull it apart completely to remove it. in the process i jimmy open the doors to the stand (key lost 10 years ago) to find BRAND NEW never used Traviling and fixed steady, plate , 4 jaw and a buch of other tooling i was like SUPER SCORE.
    Now to my Question How do you re aline the gear head with the ways, it has 4 adjustment screws but i dont have a idear how to line it up any help would be much appreciated im fine with chuck run out adjustment , and screw down and leveling but i have never pulled the hole head off a lathe before
    Im pretty excited about my new toy it was brought just to use for deburing aliminum so has not done any real hard work and is in super condition.

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    Dave J Guest


    Hi, lucky you, I had to buy mine.
    To start with you say you have a mini lathe. Mount the largest round you can in it and centre drill it both ends. Mount the large lathes headstock and use this rod between centres with a dial gauge to get it about right. You can them go onto Rollie's dads method.'s_Dad's_Method.pdf
    If you didn't move the adjuster screws for the head your half way home because you can push the head back against them.
    The accessories that were in the cupboard are standard one's that come with the lathe when new.

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    well fianlly laid the slab
    spent a few hours getting it level and aligining the headstock
    cuts real sweet unfortunaly the 3 jaw has a little runout but ive been using the 4 jaw if need be .
    made my T nut for my QCTP in the 4 jaw i could have gone the BXA but this works fine
    Got a LED tube for a fluro fitting man there great
    heres the pics

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