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    I know this is a minefield question but has anyone used any of the the Geetech 3D prnters and are they OK quality wise ? Geetech seem to have a good backup service with spares available and online service.

    Are there any other brands that have the same online backup for spares ? So many brands and types to choose from it is a case of 6 of one and 1/2 dozen of the other .

    3D beginner here.

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    I don't do a lot of 3D printing, probably only used the equivalent of 3-4 full rolls of filament in the 2 years I've had it.
    I've got an Ender3 and haven't needed any spares in that time - just consumables (filament and a couple of nozzles).

    I've no personal experience with Geeetech, but if you're just starting out I'd recommend getting something that is common and has plenty of info online. TBH I don't see manufacturer support as being a biggie unless you've got something uncommon/specialised.

    Regarding the printer itself - if you're planning to print using higher temp materials such as ABS/nylon etc then make sure the printer is up to that straight out of the box.
    My Ender3 isn't, and I'd really need to go down a rabbit hole of hot end upgrades etc to do it so haven't bothered.
    Its been a useful, inexpensive learning tool using PLA/PLA+, but definitely has its limitations. A bit like a lathe - you need to use one to really find out what you need/want/prefer, unless you have a specific application in mind to start with. Most people upgrade from their first lathe/printer.


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    If I may but I got my first 3d printer in 2012 and if there is one thing I have learned is that in the 3d printing world "service & support" does not mean anything. '

    It is fairly rare for them to break down as most are fairly mechanical parts. Some cases where the control boards or LCD's have stopped working but PCB manufacturing has come a long way now and these occurrences are fairly rare.

    In 10 years or so I had a few nozzles replaced, a bowden tube coupling replaced, a hot end fan replaced and one thermistor replaced.

    Guess what, 90% of 3d printers are made of generic off the shelf parts. Only the frame and some mounting brackets are design specific.

    Look for a printer that is backed by a large online community.

    Out of the box, every 3d printer is capable of printing PLA and PLA is what we spend most of the time printing.

    I know , I know then there is a special requirement where you need to print the part in ABS or PETG and you need an all metal hot end and get ready to spend you next $100 on an upgraded nozzle and then you spend the next week or tweaking your retraction settings and your e-steps, etc etc.

    Soon you need to print something flexible TPU or Nylon? Now you need a direct drive and get ready to spend your next $100 after watching a shill review of some new extruder. You spend the next few weeks struggling to get your settings tuned in

    There is no guarantee that a Prusa will work out of the box for you and you may find the experience a complete night mare.

    I usually do not recommend products but for a first 3d printer, you can't go wrong with a Creality Ender 3. You don't need to break into a bank to buy one, there is a lot of community support, abundant replacement parts, abundant accessories, great tutorials on youtube.

    What do I own: An Ender 5 with lots of upgrades/modifications done to it but to tell you the truth most of it is overkill.

    Don't get into the upgrade bug, I have a few friends that have a 3d printing syndrome and own like 5 different 3d printers. Don't get carried away.

    Use 3d printing as a prototyping tool, do not make it a hobby because it really is not. And they don't really hold any value because there is a new model released every time you blink your eyes

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