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    Default How to tightly hold a bundle of small steel rods

    Im making another pair of these hand carders for SQMBO.
    These ones are made from 2mm regular steel TIG welding rods

    This time I'm using 3mm TSS rods.
    Cutting 48 equal length rods is pretty monotonous. They don't need to be a specific length but they should all be the same, so I rough cut them on my thin kerf abrasive table saw and was looking for a way to hold a bundle together to hold them all even at one end so's I could sanded the other end all to the same length.
    Tried zip ties - SS was too slippery, Then I tried using a collet in a collect chuck/block.
    Get the all levelled up like this


    And grind the other end on a disc sander like this.
    You'll notice one is still short - that's just a spare to help the others sit tight in the collet - its not going to be used in the final pieces.

    Now have to sharpen one end, bend the sharpened tips, and make up some handles.
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