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    Default Help filling small gap

    I have a steel knife blade and a brass guard. The brass guard is a pretty good fit around most of the tang but it is not perfect. I was going to solder the brass to steel but before I start, I have a few questions:

    1. Can I use the flux and solder that I use for my copper pipe plumbing?
    2. If so, do you have any advice on filling the gap(s)? I'd guess the gaps are about 1/32" or so. I'm used to soldering copper pipe fittings that are snug. This is different.

    Ideal would be a solder that looks like brass, and which I could "build up" a little bit (without messing with the steel temper) but I don't know if there is such an animal. I used to be a pretty good gas welder but that was 45 years ago, it was all steel to steel, and it definitely melted the parts to be joined. I don't think I want to do that to my blade.

    Thanks for any advice/ideas.

    Edited to add: I did some research and it looks like Braze Welding may do the trick. Unlike brazing, it doesn't rely on capilary action and allows for build up without actually welding (melting) the two metals. I guess my question would be, would the brass rod melt before my brass guard?

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    I would use a high silver content silver solder, Braze welding and Brazing is as far as I am aware the same thing, if you use a bronze filler (Brazing ) it will contaminate the blade and you will never get it off without some serious grinding, can you hammer the guard to close up the gaps, if not I would personally chalk it up to experience and make a new better fitting guard.
    The solder you are using for copper will most likely be unsuitable without knowing what it is makes it hard to know.

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    Might be worth considering a metal filled epoxy.
    I know you can get a copper one but not sure about brass.
    Would be cheaper than getting silver solder and flux, and no heat involved to mess with the blade temper.


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    I doubt that epoxy would be strong enough unless it is just a show knife

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