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    Default Sheraton 9B DRO Specs


    Does anyone have the lengths needed for the DRO sensor sliders to fit a 9" unit?

    The local engineering store has a very nice unit on sale, but you have to nominate the sensor lengths (x2 sensors) and I'm a bit clueless on this front.


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    Hi SuperGlide,

    Why not just go and talk to them ! I'm quite sure that they will know what you need by way of measurements.
    Best Regards:
    Baron J.

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    Default Sheraton 9B DRO Specs

    I will think that the Sheraton 9b will be very similar to a Hercus 9b and so they will probably share the same dro scale lengths.

    Obviously the best way to confirm is to measure the total travel of the slides and take into account the dro reader lengths to choose the appropriate size scales.

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    I have always found the travel advertised lengths with lathes and mills vary slightly.
    I'd measure myself personally.

    Same as scales, they are a bit more than the advertised travel as I found out back in 2007 with my first expensive set and since buying over the years.

    The only type of scale you can be 100% rely on with distance is magnetic as you cut it to length.

    All manufacturers seem to allow 5mm each end, at least.

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