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    Default Sheraton C Rebuild

    The saddle/main carriage is now finished. No real dramas. The only real fault was the saddle lock that could never have operated fully & correctly as the component parts were locking up against a lump in the front face casting; easily remedied. Dismantle, clean, remove surface rust & poor paint & check all the parts. Minimal wear overall. Minor rectifications as necessary, paint & re-assemble.

    Was... Is now - back on the bed...
    Carriage & slides 2 @ 40%.jpgCarriage finished on bed @ 50%.jpg
    Attachment 388606

    Next job; the chuck as it was....

    Chuck @ 50%.jpg Stiff to operate & looks a bit rough externally.
    Attachment 388609

    And after a strip & clean-up...

    Chuck rebuild 2 @ 50%.jpgChuck rebuild 3 @ 50%.jpg
    Attachment 388607Attachment 388608 Actually found in very good condition once all the gunk was cleaned out, minor corrosion removed & the scroll & jaws were freed enough to move. Now operates smoothly. Jaw grip faces appear to be good. It is a 'TOS' brand of 125mm dia. Is that a Czech company?

    Now moving on to the tailstock.... It appears to have been shot off the end of the bed & bounced on the floor at some time in its history. (Wobbly shaft & cracked hand-wheel plus the eye bolt or cross-shaft inside appears damaged). Not unusual I think, when there is no end-stop on the lathe bed to prevent that happening. I'll have to find a way to prevent that re-occuring.

    Attachment 388610 Work in progress currently...
    Tailstock 2 @ 50%.jpg
    Thanks to Baron J for pointing out that the pictures went awol initially.
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    Halifax, you need to reload your pictures !
    Best Regards:
    Baron J.

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    I just found this thread and I have to say wow you have really brought that old girl back to life.

    I love restoring old equipment like this, well done for your efforts so far.

    Keep the pictures coming.

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