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    Default Brass oiler (thumb & pump)

    I am looking for a period correct (prior to 1950?) brass oiler for my lathe

    Does anyone have any favourites or recommendations (details or pics please)

    Especially those that can be repaired or you can find parts

    Seen quite a few 'eagle' or 'rega'

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    Hi daggagh

    nearnexus (Rob) from Adelaide did a few posts on the rega pumps. I can't recall them ever being made from brass. In the same threads here were some thumb operated pump oilers not at all like the Regas .There were oval/ lozenge shaped and flatter than the Regas and may have been from brass -railway related oilers?.

    I think you will be indeed fortunate to find one.

    How about one like this below.


    Brass oil can_020.jpg

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