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    Default Quality of cheap titanium/tungsten wedding bands?

    I'm looking to save money and am thinking of purchasing either a Titanium or Tungsten wedding band online. These two rings are exactly what I want but at a fraction of the cost of what I found at the local jewelry store. Should I be concerned about the quality of these affordable rings? Are there any specific questions I should ask the seller to verify the quality of the ring?
    I am looking for a durable ring that will last a lifetime. The ring will spend most of its time on a necklace around my neck. Occasionally I will wear the ring on my finger.
    Titanium: $24 USD
    Tungsten: $12 USD

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    Hi icu222much
    Welcome to the MetalWorkForums

    I have approved the post to allow the links to be seen. Normally new members cant post links until they have 10 posts. Nothing personal, it is just part of the anti spam stuff built in to the Programme.

    So that you can make yourself at home a bit easier in our forums here's a guide to navigating your way around.

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    Be aware we are mainly Aussies and some here have a larrakin sense of humor. Perhaps you might like to visit the Welcome Waggon and introduce yourself and tell us about your specific metalwork interests and what you might be working on at present?

    There a plenty of people here in our forums who can offer help in the form of experience and knowledge.

    Welcome to the Forum


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    icu222much welcome to the forum, two things to be aware of Buying from Alibaba is pretty much pot luck, you may not get what yo think you are getting, and at that price the warranty may not be
    worth chasing, plus I have never seen a piece of jewellery that will last a life time in constant use (especially worn on a chain around the neck) without some ongoing mainteance
    You would probably be surprised at the amount of wear human skin can supply even without the chain

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