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    Quote Originally Posted by A J in WA View Post
    Not cheap, but when you are out of production there is no such thing as expensive - as compared to the "penalty rates" in the contract!
    Very true words there. Having worked in the underground hard rock mining industry, I know exactly what you mean. Our head storeman caused management to have conyptions when he ordered 2 spare powerpacks for our jumbos into stock. The storeman then proceeded to explain to them that we had recently had a jumbo down for 3 weeks and the powerpack sent for repair had still had not returned to site, which cost us 168M lost development and 17000 tonnes of ore to surface with the tally increasing daily. Multiply that out and the cost of 2 spare powerpacks was a small price to pay, (we had 3 jumbos on that contract and another 3 on a contract 20Km down the road).

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    Default Motor Repair !

    Hi Karl, Guys,

    Posting this PDF for repairing motors and generators for general interest. Its worth a good read if you are thinking about a DIY repair to a motor or dynamo.

    Machinerys Reference-034.pdf

    Enjoy !
    Best Regards:
    Baron J.

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