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    Default Mount Table on to Saddle

    Some progress on my Kondia CNC mill, it is now ready to install the table to the saddle.
    The table is currently inverted on saw horses, which are too low for the saddle.
    I have a scissor lift trolley rated for the weight, and with 50 mm packing, can get the height for the saddle.

    My plan is to line the 50 mm packer with something slippery, and simply slide it on.
    Any suggestions on improving my plan ?

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    I was wondering whether some lengths of pipe/ bar stock may be better than 'slippery stuff'. If the saddle is even slightly weighty, getting it to move could be a challenge.


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    Job done, done as first described.
    Used a plastic coated kitchen cupboard door as the slip surface coated with ISO68 to reduce the friction.
    No drama at all.

    The ballscrew is not yet connected to the table as the stepper motor mounting plate has some very bad countersinks for the capscrews.

    The first job was to improve the countersinks.
    The photo shows the plate on the table using a centering probe to move the job onto centre of the existing hole in the mounting plate.

    Used an alignment jig with Dia 8.2 mm into the capscrew hole and Dia 10.2 mm for the centering probe.
    The probe has a Dia 10 mm tip.
    The jig was made with OD 24.00 mm that could be useful for future applications..

    Centre was achieved by manually adjusting the Y-axis ballscrew and hammer tapping the job in the X-axis.
    Not hard at all, and good enough for the application.

    One issue with the probe is the hang-out, something that will have to dealt with.

    First cuts were with a single flute 90 degree cutter, but just no progress.
    Changed to a 3-flute 90 degree cutter with WD40 giving a perfect result.

    Now to fit the stepper,
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