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    Default How good is this? Only best quality used

    Came across an ad on Facebook Market place today. Selling Mazda Rotary engine parts.
    This shaft obviously has no run out because, as you can see, only the best Metrology equipment has been used.



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    1) Wooden V blocks? Cool — will have to make a set !

    I guess they won't scratch the bearing journals.

    2) Surface plate looks like MDF, but it must be that new, magnetic MDF ?

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    At least it’s bright and shiny.
    I bought a ‘new’ TR4 crank in the US whilst we were travelling across country in the motorhome a few years back.
    The seller wasn’t home just left the wooden box on the porch I’d already paid him online.
    It was getting dark so I just put it in the storage hole until we got back to Canada.
    It was well used and looked like it had run the rear main as they do.
    It was true but needed a 10 thou clean up at least.
    Its still in Canada as I’d scored an ok one from a Vanguard back here in Oz for nothing.
    Very expensive lesson as it was outside the claim time by the time I discovered it was a dud I did my dough.
    The guy had a squillion ok reviews and the crank looked ok plus’s the box had Leyland stickers on it.
    Ive had a few wins also, so I guess I’m at least even but it sure pyssed me off at the time.
    Jimcracks for the rich and/or wealthy. (aka GKB '88)

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    You get a free pair with every Diamond Tool Holder….

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